Services for Families

Worldwide travel has become so commonplace that families can, for the first time in history, be spread out over every corner of the earth. Sadly it can still remain difficult to come together on short notice, causing loved ones to miss important events like the celebration of a life.

Using the power of our global network, we are now able to provide a means of closure for those people who can't attend in person. Sharing in the same experience, at the same time, and being able to interact with other viewers around the world, is a much more powerful experience than waiting for a DVD or some other recording to arrive... we want to give you high quality video, in real time, delivered instantly.

Working directly with funeral directors we were able to create a cost-effective, simple platform that would allow live broadcasts to anywhere in the world.

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Services for Funeral Homes

This platform was designed with the input of experienced funeral directors to meet the needs of the funeral home as well as the needs of the families.

Built on a solid foundation of a global video streaming network, this system provides an extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly interface for scheduling services - there is no new training required.

The other innovative part of the system involves pre-configured network cameras installed in the chapel; these cameras connect directly to our network and require no configuration by your staff.

Combining these two technology innovations creates the perfect service for funeral homes, and also results in significantly reduced costs. By leveraging the VidTime platform, we are able to offer this to the funeral home and the families at a fraction of the cost of other streaming providers.

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