Live Memorial Services

The company is founded on a video streaming technology originally designed to enable teachers to reach a global audience at conferences and workshops.

It is an established technology with a proven track record and forms a robust foundation for the solution we offer today. The team are veterans of the video and technology business and are very excited to offer their platform to the funeral market. We have seen the impact of providing much needed closure through virtual attendance at memorial services and believe that video streaming is a logical option to mitigate the challenge of family travel logistics or max audience sizes for very popular members of a community.

Working in collaboration with funeral directors, we have been able to create a cost-effective, simple platform that enables live broadcasts anywhere in the world and with a business model that yields a win-win-win for all involved.

Our goal was to ensure this can be deployed without any further burden being placed on the family and for it be as simple as possible for the viewers and funeral directors...

...we believe we have succeeded, but please Contact Us if you need any help, or wish to discuss any changes to help our service meet your needs.