Services for Funeral Homes

We provide a live video streaming solution with the ability to record the service for post event playback. Our streaming platform is a proven, leading edge, solution capable of distributing High Definition video & audio output to thousands of viewing endpoints simultaneously.

Built on a solid foundation of a global video streaming network, this system provides an extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly interface for scheduling services - there is no new training required.

The overall solution was designed in collaboration with experienced funeral directors to meet the needs of the funeral home as well as the needs of the families.

Easy-to-use Scheduling System

The complexity and robustness of our video streaming platform is accessed through an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface designed to schedule and manage multiple streaming events per funeral director. No training is required to add a new event or modify existing events through your private administration page. Modifications can be made to the streamed event right up to the scheduled time of transmission, thus enabling maximum flexibility while you shape the memorial service

Automated Cameras

Pre-configured network cameras installed in the chapel, connect directly to your broadband network and require no additional configuration by your staff.

Flexible Pricing

The combination of flexible web based streaming with pre-configured cameras creates the perfect solution for funeral homes wishing to deliver a robust yet flexible streaming service.

By leveraging our global network, we are able to offer this service to funeral homes and client families at a fraction of the cost of other streaming providers and with multiple value-loaded pricing options we provide a plan that fits for every funeral home.

Features & Benefits

One of the key features requested by Funeral Directors in the creation of this service was a robust, easy to use, "fool proof" system. Our response has been to automate and simplify as much as possible in the scheduling and management flow. Once a service is scheduled, our automated management system takes over, cameras come online and our cloud based video distribution system commences streaming (and recording), without any interaction from your staff.

Furthermore, the scheduled time/date can be modified up to the point of live streaming thus giving Funeral Directors maximum flexibility to accommodate changes as required or allow them to focus fully on the traditional components of their funeral business.

Our high-definition network cameras are installed and automated. Once they are in place our system automatically takes the video feed at the right time and distributes to the online viewers. There’s no need for intrusive camera operators, or unsightly tripods located in your chapel during a service.

As well as being discrete, the cameras are also connected directly to your existing audio system to ensure perfect audio quality accompanies the High Definition video for the streamed event.

We don’t want you or your staff to have to learn a new system in order to us our service, so we created the most simple admin interface we could. To add a new schedule you just need the date, time, name, and a brief description of the service (most times this is the first paragraph of the obit). Adding the service to our system takes just minutes and is all done through your web browser.

Our high-definition network cameras are installed and automated. Once they are in place our system automatically takes the video feed at the right time and distributes to the online viewers. There’s no need for intrusive camera operators, or unsightly tripods located in your chapel during a service.

Once a new service is scheduled by the funeral director, we instantly generate a custom viewing page for the bereaved family. The link is provided to you, and can be sent out by email to the family. This page provides a welcoming place for the family to come watch the live service, chat, and remains available as the viewing page for the recorded video (should you choose to offer a recording).

As an additional feature, you can choose to add a Custom Theme to the viewing page, to reflect the interests of the deceased or to provide a different background. These themes reflect seasons, hobbies, sports and religions.

View a gallery of available themes here.

Our distribution network is global and fully redundant, meaning we can stream to any location and any number of people. We can handle over 5000 viewers without making any changes at all, and can increase that to 100,000+ within minutes.

Our transmission quality is High Definition (HD) with an ability to dynamically adapt to each viewers connectivity bandwidth.

With successful broadcasts to 126 countries and access points in every major city, you can rest assured the scheduled service will be a robust, high quality experience for all viewers participating online.

While our focus is on live streaming, the reality is that not everyone will be able to make the live event and some families may wish to have a recording available, either online or on a DVD. Our platform is able to record, store and replay the event on demand, or it can be made available to Funeral Homes to burn onto a DVD should they prefer to offer this as a component of their product offering.

Additionally, you have the option when scheduling a service to choose a "Record Only" option, which will not provide a live stream but will provide a recording that is available immediately after the service concludes.

A growing trend for memorial services is to include a slide show or video tribute to the deceased compiled by the bereaved family. In order to maintain our commitment to delivering the highest quality streaming experience for those unable to attend the service in person, we have enabled a feature whereby such tribute multimedia presentations can be integrated into the online video player in High Definition (HD). This enables on-line participants to watch the tribute video in full HD quality at the same time as the family before switching back to the live stream.

Any file format is accepted for Tribute Videos or presentations to be integrated into a live stream.

Not all clients will require their service to be streamed, but for an increasing number of families it has proven to be highly valued in enabling distant friends and relatives to participate in the service.

We charge no admin fees or set-up fees. Contact us to see the various pricing options that have been designed to meet the needs of any funeral home, large or small.

Installing equipment, adjusting network settings and running cable in your chapel requires professional skills. We contract reputable installers in your area to install the cable, camera's and integrate with your current broadband installation.

They will be fully insured and certified to complete the installation to our high expectations.

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