Services for Families

International travel and emigration is an established and growing trend. Family members are increasingly separated by considerable distance, and sadly, it can be challenging to come together at short notice, causing loved ones to miss important events like the celebration of a life.

Using the power of our global network, we are able to provide a means of closure for individuals unable to attend memorial services in person. Sharing in the same experience, at the same time, while able to interact with other online attendees around the world is a much more powerful experience than waiting for a DVD or some other recording to arrive.

Working in close co-operation with funeral directors we have been able to create a cost-effective, easy to use, robust platform enabling High Definition live broadcasts to anywhere in the world with a broadband internet connection, (wired or wireless).

If you wish to learn more on the availability of this service in your area, please Contact Us to explore options.

Services for Funeral Homes

This platform was designed with the input of experienced funeral directors to meet the needs of the funeral home as well as the needs of the families.

An easy-to-use, intuitive web based interface enables Funeral Directors to schedule and manage streaming services for multiple clients. No new training is required to set up a broadcast event and any existing events' can be modified right up to the minute of delivery thus enabling maximum flexibility when planning a service.

Further ease of use comes from pre-configured network cameras installed in the chapel; these cameras connect directly to our network and once set up by ourselves, require no configuration by your staff.

Together, our proven video streaming platform coupled with simple web based user interface, delivers a robust, easy to use service that Funeral directors can depend on while focusing on the traditional components of their funeral business.

Contact Us if you want to explore provision of this service at your location.